​"Often Imitated, But Never Duplicated "

Station #1

​Station one was built  in 1979 by the founding members and only consisted of the first bay you see on the left and the living quarters. The second bay to the very far left was added later in the mid 80's to make room for a second apparatus. In the late 90's the three engine bays on the right were added to again support the growing needs of the department to house more and bigger apparatus.​ Then in early 2007 the original first bay of the station was converted into sleeping quarters for the on-duty crews.

​However, the old man is reaching the end of his service life. Since the station was built nearly 40 years ago and designed as a volunteer station with no real facilities for 24 hour crews. Mayor Boswell and the City Counsel have broken ground on a brand new station #1 for the Town. We will miss the original station but the Town and our employees will be better served with a new bigger Main Station.

​However, it is not the end of the old man! The plans are already in place for the station to be converted into a community center.  The location directly across from the city park ensures that the old place will stay around for awhile. 

Head Quarters

​Fire Department

Engine - 241

Chief - 401

Service Engine - 142

Engine - 141

Animal Control / Inspector Unit 144

Asst. Chief - 402

Station #1 - North End

Station #2 - South End

Reserve Engine - 242 (Coming Soon)

Ladder - 143

​​​Town of New Llano

​Head Quarters  Office

​The head Quarters Office is located in the old Water Department and Mayors Office of the old City Hall. The space was given to the fire department in 2007 when the Town finished the new City Hall. The space houses two training rooms, the Assistant Chiefs Office and the Office of the Fire Chief.

Station #2

​As the Town expands South the need for a second station was realized in 2010 and in 2012 the Town broke ground on station #2 on Ida Stevens Road. The station was opened in late 2014.The need for the second station was brought about by the fact that P.I.A.L./ISO require all buildings to be within 1 1/2 road miles of a fire station within the City Limits.

​The station was built from the ground up as a fire station for 24 hour a day coverage. This means the station was able to be placed in the ideal location to serve the needs of the Town and the employee's alike. The station should serve the Town well for many decades to come.