Assistant Chief Emerick has 10 years of experience in the Fire Service. His service started in Conneaut Ohio as a on call paid firefighter in 2006. He moved to Vernon Parish in 2008 to further his career as a Firefighter with the Town of New Llano Fire Department.

Chief Emerick started as a Volunteer Reserve Firefighter with the Town of New Llano in August of 2008. Chief Emerick often put in full time hours working along side paid members. In 2009 his hard work and dedication to the department paid off when he became a regular paid member of the department.

In September of 2013 Emerick was awarded the rank of Assistant Fire Chief, in Early 2014 Chief Emerick was asked to hold down the position of Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief with the Town of New Llano Fire Department. Until late 2015 at which time he was able to return to his duties as Assistant Fire Chief.

Chief Emerick is a Father of three wonderful children Heather, Jessica and Anthony. He is married to his second wife Maria and also assumed the role of Step-Father to her four daughters Jessica, Ashley, Tiffany and Melissa. Chief Emerick is a proud "Poppa" to several grand-children.

​​​Town of New Llano

​Fire Department

Words from the Assistant Chief

​"  Firefighting is not a job, it is a career that one must become passionate about. When people come to me and ask what it takes to become a firefighter, I always suggest for them to join a volunteer department. Because you will know very quickly if helping others is what you desire to do.

​Firefighting is a lifestyle that comes with much sacrifices such as time away from family, but also many rewards like helping people in the community during their darkest hours. There is no greater feeling then knowing in a split second that answering the bell call that you can effect somebodies life by being able to help.

I am honored to be serving the community of the Town of New Llano and look forward to many more years of service." 

Assistant Fire Chief James Emerick


  • Fire Officer I
  • Fire Service Instructor I
  • Firefighter II
  • Firefighter I
  • ​Hazardous Materials Operations
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • ​Incident Command System 800
  • ​Incident Command System 700
  • Incident Command System 200
  • ​Incident Command System 100