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Fire Department.


Sta.1 - 213 Stanton Street, New Llano La. 71461


​​​Town of New Llano



The New Llano Fire Department was founded on November 7th 1979 as a volunteer department with the mission to provide fire protection to the Town of New Llano. The task once performed solely by volunteers is now performed by a full time paid fire department as of July 2006. The department has blossomed from a volunteer fire company with one station and fire engine into a department running three staffed fire engines and one ladder truck 24 hours a day,7 days a week.

This task has grown from the early days of the founding fireman and the one station. The City is now served by two Fire Stations and the Headquarters Office. Although, our shoulders and doors bare the name Fire Department we are in fact so much more! The New Llano Fire Department in addition to fire suppression and medical response has the responsibility of fire prevention, code enforcement and animal control within the City.

The New Llano Fire Department, of today comes with a global perspective of all the needs of our community and our responsibility in the scheme of service to the community both City and Parish. The department’s responsibilities to the Parish include automatic response on structure fires to the neighboring community Volunteer Fire Departments of Sandy Hill and Savage Forks. In addition to mutual aid response to the City of Leesville and the Department of the Army Fort Polk when requested. The Fire Chief also holds a seat on the Board of Commissioners for the Vernon Parish Fire District.

Through a tradition of integrity, compassion, and valor, yesterday’s fire department labored to build an unprecedented public trust in this honorable service. Armed with those values, and augmented with knowledge, tomorrow’s New Llano Fire Department will be the cutting edge that carries that hard earned public confidence into the future.

In conclusion, it is necessary that any fire department which expects to be a key player in the world of tomorrow must begin planning and organizing today and not look back in twenty years and wonder what happened. The department of today must always be moving forward and planning for the challenges of tomorrow.

Fire Chief T. Kevin Yates

New Llano Fire Department

“Often Imitated , But Never Duplicated”"