​​​Town of New Llano

​Fire Department

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints that you would like to have reviewed by the Fire Chief or City Hall, please feel free to contact us at one of the numbers listed here. Or feel free to use the comments section of this page to have your e-mail reviewed or just let us know how we are doing.

Citizens my also use the comments section below to report Town Code Violations, such as abandon or junk cars, messy or unkept yards or Town Animal Code violations. All complaints or reports will be handled in a timely manner.

Town of New Llano

109 Stanton Street New Llano, LA. 71461

City Hall:           337-239-3670

Head Quarters:  337-238-6116

Sta. #1:              337-238-1692

Sta. #2:              337-238-3796

Emergency Dial 911